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Our Process

Consultation Project

At Jamison Construction we work hard to establish and maintain close relationships with our partners in the construction industry. We are often contacted by designers, developers, and general contractors before a project “hits the street”. Our extensive experience and resources can be used to evaluate construction options, develop concepts, and produce value engineering.

Assemble Design Team

We regularly help developers and general contractors with our extensive contacts in the design community. We can assemble a full design team or fill in the critical missing piece needed to insure the success of your project with architects, structural engineers, civil engineers, or specialty designers for cast-in-place multi-story construction, tilt-up construction, or post-tension concrete.

Create Project Scope & Budget

At Jamison Construction we pride ourselves on being able to accurately appraise multiple scope options and various designs that often occur as project plans are being developed. We will work with you from the first napkin sketch, through the various stages of design development, while providing consistent and competitive pricing you can depend on.

Organize Working Team & Construct

Jamison Construction will provide a level of oversite, management, and supervision that is unmatched among our competitors. The team assembled for you will be tasked with operating as complementing parts, of a cohesive unit, whose sole focus is bringing the project you have imagined to a rewarding completion. Safety personnel, project managers, superintendents, and countless support people will be focused on realizing a safely built, efficiently constructed, profitable project that comes in on schedule and in budget.

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